Client’s Testimonial

Straight from the Horse’s mouth, oops I meant client’s mouth……..

“one2oneclick provide a very effective service through their proven SEO techniques that give concrete results and enabled Capital Visas to reach the desired results in a much shorter time span then we initially anticipated. They also have very professional accounts managers, SEO professionals and Projects managers which combined together provide a very effective management team that executes the project successfully.”

“one2oneclick has always been professional, responsive, and gets the job done. There are many other companies out there in which you will NOT find these very important qualities! We have used them for our organic SEO needs and can attest that they actually produce the results which they speak of.

We have dealt with a few SEO companies before and it has always been a nightmare just trying to reach someone. The team at one2oneclick not only responds to emails, but takes the courtesy to remind you anything is outstanding. Anyone working with an SEO company knows how important communication is. From the Director, to the Project Managers and onwards, they are always willing to assist.

Shamal Samal,

“I am so so……..impressed with your work! I just wished i had met you guys earlier. Thank you very much for the wonderful work! “

Achinike Ogheneovo,

“Thank you for your excellent job regarding our website, it is definitely paying off. Your team is doing such a great job and is very responsive to our business.”

John P. Gallagher,

“We will gladly recommend one2oneclick and hope that you can benefit from their services as much as we have.”

Jeff Dinardo,

“one2oneclick’s team has been instrumental in the improvement of our website raking. They work wonders with Search Engine Optimization. They took our website from page 3 -4 on Google to consistently page one from past 2 years.”

Bruce Master,

“one2oneclick’s unique approach to the Off-page strategies mixed with some crucial on-page changes has helped our new website to get top ranked for important terms within a month. Thanks again for your hard work!”

Davone Sihavong,

“I would like to take a brief moment and express my gratitude & excitement in working with you and your team. I have been in touch with several companies both in India and Canada prior to committing to your team. I have had nothing but professionalism and attentiveness from you and your team and will refer your organization to many others here locally. Keep up the great work!”

Basil Elsersawi, P.Eng,

“We are very pleased with the professional service provided. Thank you for your work, punctual and helpful.”


“Thank you so much for you efforts. We see a lot of improvements in our website and we are happy with your service. We’ve just seen our PR went up to 2 from 0 and that’s a good sign! We are looking forward to do more business with you.”

Paul ,

“We have our own SEO team working for since 3 years, but one2oneclick provided us with fabulous results. They always keep me updated with the latest updates. We recommend them as they are the best seo team we have ever worked with. As they committed, they improved our PAGE RANK value from zero to 3 which make us really a happy customer. It is definitly worth the money spent.”

Mayuri Virani,
Marketing Head-

“I am working with one2oneclick and things are progressing well so far, I am very impressed with your systematic approach.”


“We have used one2oneclick for around 2 years now across separate projects relating to improving our website rankings. Firstly, we have been very impressed with the results they have helped us achieve; for the some very valuable keywords that we targeted, our website now ranks on the first page. Secondly, the team are excellent to deal with; extremely quick response times and they also take the time to answer any SEO related questions outside the core project scope. Overall, they are a professional outfit and I would recommend them to any online business owners looking to improve their website rankings and traffic.”

Lachlan Adams,